Human Resource Audit

The best way to move forward with the most effective human resource system possible is to take a thorough look at what your company is doing now. The Human Resource Audit provides a comprehensive assessment of HR management activities and practices. This professional and objective review of current HR efforts identifies the gap between current efforts and recommended practices. The audit report will outline recommendations and practical solutions to close the gap between current practices and proven HR best practices. Hands-on assistance is also available to implement the recommendations and changes in the Human Resource Department and throughout the organization.

The audit includes five major components:

  • An on-site review of all HR practices
  • Personal interviews with HR personnel and others responsible for various HR functions
  • Review of all HR-related forms, policies and other documents
  • Audit report summarizing current practices, identifying concerns and presenting recommendations for improvements
  • A final conference to discuss the report and discuss strategies for implementation

The audit will cover the following human resource areas:

  • Recruitment and selection practices
  • Employee orientation
  • Employment and personnel records
  • Company policies and procedures
  • Job descriptions and classification
  • Performance management and improvement
  • Training and development programs
  • Compliance of all HR functions

This audit and the comprehensive report will provide information and guidance to ensure human resource practices support your organization’s mission and goals.

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